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9 Factors to Help You With Assessing The Situation

Below is a list of topics that a thorough assessment should include (different forms and professionals will offer slight variations) to determine:

1. Physical Health
2. Mental Health
3. Medication Use
4. Activities of Daily Living
5. Home & Community Safety
6. Support System
7. Appearance & Hygiene
8. Finances
9. Interests / Lifestyles

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Are You Seeing Any of These Concerns in Your Loved One…..

1. Physical Health Changes. Selected factors to assess:

  • Diagnosed with any chronic diseases (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, emphysema)?
  • Fractures or trauma?
  • Weight loss?
  • Incontinence?
  • Balance problems?
  • Persistent fatigue or sleeplessness?
  • Vision problems (such as cataracts, use of vision aids)?
  • Recent hospitalizations?

2. Mental Health Concerns. Selected factors to assess:

  • Diagnosed or hospitalized with any psychiatric disorders (such as depression, anxiety disorder, psychosis)?
  • Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other Dementia?
  • Alertness? Mood swings? Forgetfulness or wandering off? Confusion/disorientation? Sadness/loneliness?
  • Decreased interest in reading, writing or communicating in general? Maintaining friends? Interest in life?

3. Medication Concerns. Selected factors to assess:

  • Ability to take medications as directed and to know how to avoid interactions.

4. Activities of Daily Living Challenges. Selected factors to assess:

  • Ability to dress, bathe
  • Needing Assistance With:
    • Climbing Stairs
    • PreparIng Meals
    • Driving Safely

5. Home and Community Safety. Selected factors to assess:

  • Neighborhood.
  • Home safety (hazards, adaptive aids, presence of smoke alarms).
  • Ability to avoid telephone and door-to-door fraud.
  • Yard and house maintenance.

6. Local Support System. Selected factors to assess:

  • Does your loved one have frequent visits from family, friends or neighbors?

7. Appearance and Hygiene. Selected factors to assess:

  • Overall appearance. Personal hygiene (including brushing teeth, trimming nails, shaving, and washing and combing hair)? Dressed appropriately in clean clothes?

8. Finances. Selected factors to assess:

  • What insurance coverage is in place?
  • Are there any legal documents such as trusts, living wills and/or durable powers of attorney?
  • Do your parents have a financial plan? How long will his or her assets last?
  • Any sources of financial assistance?
  • Does your parent pay bills on time and make informed financial decisions?

9. Interests/lifestyles. Selected factors to assess:

  • What type of community will satisfy their hobbies and interests the best?

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